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My Waterbirth Story

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on Sunday, 29 June 2008
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by Erica Cooper

I sit here today next to my baby boy almost two months after the day of his birth. I can't believe that it has already been that long; the experience of the day is still so fresh in my mind. I get tears in my eyes and chills just thinking about what a wonderful day and experience his birth was.

When I was pregnant with my daughter almost five years ago I had never heard of waterbirth or birthing centers. I learned of it through some friends right before I started trying for another baby. After learning of it, I knew I had to do it.

The beginning of this pregnancy I started out in another mid-wife's care. I transferred to Baby Love Birth Center and Samantha McCormick, Nurse Midwife halfway through my pregnancy. I felt so welcomed there and loved the care I received throughout the rest of my journey.

Sunday, June 29th, 2008, I was being awakened in the early morning hours. I kept thinking it was just a backache and that I was sleeping wrong or something. Later around 6 am when I was more awake I's not a back ache it's contractions!!! They were still about ten minutes apart so I didn't wake my husband for another hour. I woke him and told him the news and he was so excited. We knew our baby would be here soon. When my daughter awoke we told her what was going on and she was super excited also.

I hadn't lost my mucus plug and my contractions were still not consistent so I didn't want to call Samantha yet. Throughout the day I kept pacing in my house and breathing through the contractions using the Hypnobirthing techniques. Around 1pm, I was getting tired so I decided to lie down on the couch. This made my contractions intensify and I got sick. Bruce ran a warm bath for me and I tried that. I only stayed in the tub for about 20 mins because I was tired and just wanted to lie down. I tried that again and this labor my body was not having that.

I got very sick this time and was in the bathroom for about 20 mins. When I came out my contractions all of a sudden were two mins apart. Just 20 mins ago they were very irregular and 7-10 mins apart. I leaned over the bed to help ease the pain in my back and told Bruce he needed to call Samantha NOW. Samantha told us to leave in 45 mins and meet up at the birth center. We left our house at 3:10 and arrived at the birth center at 3:40. That was the longest car ride ever!! All I wanted to do was walk or lean over something and that was not happening in the car.

I arrive at the birth center and Samantha checks me. 9 and a half centimeters!!!!! I couldn't believe I went that far at home! Thank you Hypnobirthing!!

I climb into the tub and at first I freaked out a little. A contraction was happening while I was trying to get comfortable but as soon as it passed I settled in and let the warm water sooth me. I felt the urge to push and asked if it was a go. Samantha said yes and so it began.

While most Hypnobirthers are yeah I wasn't. First it started as a moan but then lead to a yell. It felt good for me to make noise; I felt like it helped me push better and made me feel stronger. My husband, Samantha, and Leslie (birth assistant) helped me through and offered encouragement the whole time. They all let me do what I felt I needed to do. About 40 mins later, at 4:39pm, my little man entering the world in caul (still in the sac or bag of water). My water never broke and my mucus plug was still attached to the bag of waters.

I remember feeling my baby slide out and a sense of joy overwhelmed me. Samantha handed me my baby and tears of joy and disbelief that I actually just did that overcame me. My husband was beaming of pride.

My mother in law, who was also in the room, was crying tears of joy. She had never experience a natural birth in this setting before. My four year old came into the room and welcomed her baby brother. She now tells people, my mommy got into the tub and the baby came out.

Leslie and my mother in law took the baby to be weighed while I birthed the placenta. My mother in law came back to announce proudly that little Caleb was 9 pounds 1 oz. Bruce and Samantha helped me out of the tub and on to the bed where I got to hold and nurse my new little one while my four year old got to sit right there with me.

Samantha and Leslie brought in the cake and sparkling cider and we all sang Happy Birthday to Caleb! It was a wonderful experience; you sure don't get that at the hospital.

Overall it was one of the best experiences in my life. I felt the love and encouragement of all who were there. I was so happy I birthed my baby naturally and in water. I had no tears and hands down I would so do Waterbirth again at the birth center and hope to do so if/when I have another baby.


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