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 It takes a whole crew of dedicated people to provide the services we do.

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Samantha McCormick, RN, CNM, ARNP - Director of Midwifery Services

pic samanthaI am a Registered nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife, licensed by the state of Florida as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. My Bachelor of Science in Nursing (1993) and Master of Science in Nurse-Midwifery (1996) are both from Columbia University.

As a nurse, I worked on a high-risk obstetrics unit at Mount Sinai hospital, I was the IV specialist for a home cancer therapy center; and I also worked on a pediatric unit with kids with cancer, AIDS, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. Before moving to Florida in 2004, I worked in New York City as a midwife in a free-standing birth center, several community hospitals, large medical centers, an inner-city municipal hospital, and had attended a few homebirths.

I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to own the birth center and live in Florida. I have truly achieved my dream and can't imagine living or working anywhere else!

I believe in birth centers and natural birth (especially WaterBirth) because I believe in women and I believe in the wisdom our bodies contain. Every woman is capable of a natural birth, just because most women won't choose an unmedicated birth, doesn't mean that it is not the healthiest, most loving choice a mom could make.

pic samantha2I named the birth center Baby Love Birth Center, as a tribute to the moms who love their babies so so much, that they are willing to undergo un-medicated labor to bring them into this world in the safest, most gentle way possible.

I am truly in awe of the women who come through the birth center. Even the ones who are unsure and frightened, or traumatized by a past birth experience, show so much strength and resolve, it is inspirational.

The way we take care of families at the birth center is really special. I have lots of time to get to know the clients and to treat everyone as an individual. Most of our pregnant moms bring their children along to prenatal visits, which makes the whole experience fun and relaxed for all of us. Pregnancy is not a disease, so why treat it according to the medical model? It is a family event, so why not invite everyone to participate?

Our moms are so well prepared, through pre-natal visits with the midwife and childbirth preparation classes, that most of them seem to sit back and enjoy their pregnancy. Labor is never easy, but we make the environment comfortable and relaxed and are constantly awed by the powerful women who walk through our doors and what they accomplish. I think everyone would agree, that in the end, it is all worth it when the whole family is snuggled up in the big bed together, cooing over their new baby, ready for a nice nap.

pic samantha3Nurse Midwives have full prescription licenses. We do pap smears, prescribe birth control, manage menstrual problems, treat menopause, and manage basic infertility. We also do some "primary care" - treatment of medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, asthma, diabetes, headaches, depression, and high blood pressure. Mostly, though, we just simply take care of women.

I use herbs and natural remedies in my practice, but I use them as medicines and believe in using only carefully selected, research-proven herbs to treat specific conditions. I like to be able to choose from a variety of "tools" to attack a problem, from herbs and homeopathy all the way to pharmaceuticals. The latest advance is bio-identical hormones for menopause, which require time and care to find the right match. It is very satisfying to be able to work closely with my clients and the specialist pharmacy to find exactly what works for them

Midwifery is a collaboration between the woman and the midwife that seeks to find partnership in a shared endeavor: what YOU want and how WE can safely achieve it.

Ivy Hummon, LPN, LM, CPM - Staff Midwife

ivyheadshotMy name is Ivy Nicole Hummon. I am a mother to a beautiful and spunky, Isabella Hummon. She was born at home using hypnobirthing, music and warm water. It was a long and hard day but so amazingly worth every sensation. It was this experience that brought complete enlightenment to my life. This new found passion was confirmed when my midwife stated she thought I would make a good midwife. I knew exactly what direction I needed to take my career.

I have a background in nursing. I am a LPN-Licensed Practical Nurse. My reason for going to nursing school was because of pregnancy and birth. I discovered a profound distaste for the way birth is treated in a hospital. Otherwise, known as the Medical Model of Care. Before being pregnant myself, I didn't know about midwives or homebirth and the Midwifery Model of Care.

I returned to Florida, after 8 years in Massachusetts, to attend Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, Florida. Living in beautiful Englewood, a town in Southwest Florida, I drove to Gainseville every week in order to complete my 3-year program. During school I trained at Baby Love Birth Center.

I have now completed the requirements and examinations and am Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife.

I feel very blessed to be part of the Baby Love staff. The women I work with are strong, amazing and perseverant. I am constantly amazed by the hard work and dedication exhibited by the Baby Love clients. It is a real pleasure to be able to serve women as they are creating and establishing their families.

Braidy Jones, Office Manager, Receptionist - Licensed Massage Therapist #MA41524

pic braidyThe friendly voice on the phone when you call the birth center is Braidy, who doubles as the receptionist/office manager and our massage therapist. Braidy makes appointments, checks clients in and out, and she also handles insurance inquires and payments.


Braidy teaches Infant Massage every month at the birth center and also does massage for pregnant and non-pregnant female clients at the birth center. She specializes in pregnancy massage and sports massage.

Benefits of pregnancy massage include reduced fatigue, less swelling, and more energy. Massage is available for $70 per session. We offer packages for Expectant Moms and New Moms (did anyone say "shower gift idea"?).

For Expectant Moms the package includes 6 massage for the price of 5 massages $350.00 (one massage is free).

The New Mom package includes one therapeutic Full Body Massage and one private Infant Massage session $100.00.

For new clients, your first massage is $30 off.

Call Braidy Jones at (239) 645-8541 to schedule a massage, or give us a call at the birth center (239) 540-9010. You may also email Braidy at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jaclyn Sieben, RN - HypnoBirthing® Instructor

pic jaclynJaci has been a nurse for 23 years. She has worked in both hospitals and free standing birth centers. Jaci has extensive experience in "natural" childbirth, waterbirthing, and HypnoBirthing. She began teaching HypnoBirthing® classes in Maine after experiencing first hand as a labor and birthing nurse what women can do when their bodies are in harmony.

We are very proud to be the only birthing center in the area offering this valuable technique for our clients. All Baby Love Birth Center clients must attend the class series (unless you have already had a natural birth).

Fee for this class is $90 per couple, which includes HypnoBirthing Book & CD. This class is open only to Birth Center clients at this price. The birth center subsidizes the cost of the course because we have seen the incredible results women get when they apply the simple techniques of Hypnobirthing.

For more information contact Jaci at (239) 280-6276 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or go to Jaci's Web site

Elizabeth 'Betsey' Lunsford, IBCLC, La Leche League Leader

betsey01Betsey has been involved with breastfeeding since 1988 when she attended her first La Leche League meetings and gave birth to her first of 5 exclusively breastfed children. Betsey has a medical laboratory technologist back ground, owns her own business, Wild Treasures, is a La Leche League Leader, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and is also the Breastfeeding Coordinator for the Lee/Hendry/Glades Health Department WIC program.

Nutrition and breastfeeding are some of the treasures she shares with the clients and staff of our birth center. Classes are once a month at the birthing center, 7pm-9pm. Bring your support team and recipes!

Breastfeeding Class is the 3rd Monday of every month~

Nutrition Class is the 3rd Tuesday of every month~

Both classes are part of your prenatal care and no extra charge.

Betsey can be reached at:

(239) 481-8730

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tanya Childress, Postpartum Home Visitor

tanyaTanya Childress is Baby Love's Home Visitor. Approximately three days after your birth, Tanya will come visit you and your family to help ensure that everyone is doing well. With a warm smile and sweet disposition, Tanya does an excellent job of making our moms feel at ease. Not only has she had the training that gives her the tools to effectively assess you and your newborn, but being a former client of Baby Love Birth Center and given birth there herself, she really understands what you're going through.

Before coming to Baby Love, Tanya worked for our local WIC agency as a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. Her experience in assisting moms with learning to breastfed their infants has become invaluable to many of our own moms. Those first few days can be overwhelming and having a trained Breastfeeding Counselor come to your home, has literally meant the difference between quitting and a successful breastfeeding relationship for more than one of our moms! We're very proud to be able to offer her knowledge to our families.

Known as our local Baby Wearing guru, chances are Tanya will actually be wearing her young son, Cooper when she comes to visit. If you have any interest in learning about the benefits (there are plenty!) of babywearing or have questions on how to use the wrap/carrier that you already own, Tanya is always more than willing to help you figure out the best way to wear your baby!

Curious about cloth diapers? Wonder if they really are as great as they seem? Tanya has cloth diapered both of her children full-time and is a great resource at your disposable! She also works at EcoBaby & Home, a natural parenting retailer and along with giving free cloth diaper and babywearing classes will also give you any tips, tricks or advice that you need during your home visit.

A life-long resident of Lee County, Tanya is well known for her love of VW's and never-stop work ethic. Her concern for her friends and the parents of our community is apparent by her involvement in many different outreach and support groups.

Stop by one of our monthly play dates to meet Tanya in person!

Alexis Smith, Office and Birth Assistant


Alexis Smith is the Head Office and Birth Assistant here at Baby Love Birth Center. Graduating in 2010 with her degree in Medical Assisting, Alexis has become an integral part of our center. Her big smile and warm heart welcome our families as they come for their tours and appointments.

During our normal business hours, Alexis can generally be found helping a new client through her paperwork, doing blood draws or assisting Braidy with phone calls and appointment booking.

The role of a birth assistant during a birth is to support both the family and the midwife, this includes taking vitals and making sure mom stays hydrated and postpartum teaching after the birth. Once mom and baby are stable (generally one to two hours) the midwife will leave, but the birth assistant stays until the family is ready to go home. During that time, Alexis will perform a car seat check, submit the baby's birth certificate, take photos and footprints for the door and later post the photos on the website.

After the family leaves for home, she thoroughly cleans the birth room for the next family.

Abby Appling, Office and Birth Assistant

abbyAbby Appling is the newest member to the Baby Love Birth Center staff. We welcome her as an Office & Birth Assistant.

It was during Abby's second pregnancy that she sought out the compassionate touch of a midwife, something she felt was deeply lacking in her first birth attended by an unfamiliar obstetrician in a large practice. Even still, something was missing, and during her third pregnancy her search led to Baby Love, where she was able to have a peaceful, pleasant water birth that surpassed any of her expectations. It is this experience that motivates Abby in her new role. She fully embraces and understands how joyful a birth can be once it has been tailored to a mother's specific needs and desires.

As with our other Birth Assistants, Abby will arrive when birth is imminent to support both the family and the attending midwife, which includes taking vitals and making sure mom is hydrated. Once mom and baby are stable after the birth, (generally 1-2 hours), the midwife will leave and Abby will continue to stay with the family until they too are ready to go home. During this time, she will continue to monitor mom & baby, perform a car seat inspection, review post-partum instructions, submit the birth certificate, create a keepsake of baby's footprints and take photos to be used on both the website and the front of our office. She will also be available to help mom with any questions or concerns with breastfeeding during her stay.

Once the family leaves the birth center, Abby stays to thoroughly clean and prep the birthing room for our next family.