Facebook Groups for Moms

There are several private Facebook groups you can join to discuss natural parenting and breastfeeding topics.

A Lil' Bit Crunchy - For Natural-Minded Moms

Meet other natural-minded moms from across the country as we discuss topics ranging from vaccines, circumcision, co-sleeping, holistic treatments, cloth diapering, babywearing and other aspects generally associated with "attachment parenting".

BRAS - Breastfeeding Resources and Support

As our name says, we are BRAS - a group of women of every shape, size, color and age who have come together to offer support and resources to breastfeeding Moms!

We welcome any Mom who needs support and we have some the best people to ask advice from - a midwife (she owns a birth center!!), a few doulas, more than one breastfeeding peer counselors and most important many women who have or currently are in your situation!

SWFL Attachment Parenting Group

Meet other Moms and Dads who raise their children with attachment parenting. The seven baby B's of Attachment Parenting are (adapted from The Attachment Parenting Book by William and Martha Sears):

    1. Birth Bonding
    2. Belief in Baby's Cries
    3. Breastfeeding
    4. Babywearing
    5. Bedsharing or Cosleeping
    6. Balance and Boundaries
    7. Beware of Baby Trainers

Whether you do (or did) some or all of the above, all are welcome here! Let's meet others who support our parenting choices. Importantly, this group welcomes EVERY kind of family and every member of the family, including Dads!